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Medical Insurance for Canadian Students

  studying abroad or outside their province of residence


If you are a Canadian Student studying abroad (in the USA, Europe, UK, any other country) or Canadian Student studying in Canada but outside your principle province of residence, you should buy supplementary health insurance. IMPORTANT: Please see Eligibility .

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Age of Student

Effective date

Expiry date

For Family Coverage

Number of Accompanying Family Members

Age of the Oldest Accompanying Family Member

Note: Period of coverage cannot exceed 365 days. If you need insurance for longer period of time, you can reapply for the next period of coverage as long as you re eligible for this policy.


 Who can apply for Student medical insurance?

●  You are a student enrolled in a school (recognized institution of learning) outside Canada (or outside province of residence); or

●  You are an accompanying family member of the student studying outside of Canada (of province of residence); and

●  You must be insured or eligible for benefits under the government health care plan of the province or territory in which you reside, for the entire trip duration.


Insurance Providers and Insurance Plans Available

Get information, policy wording, rates and buy medical travel insurance for Canadian students studying abroad or outside their principle province of residence from the insurance providers below. Choose the plan which is right for you.


Insurance Provider

Plan Details

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►   Manulife Financial 

 Policy for Students *


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►   Travel Underwriters

 Student Medical Insurance *


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►  Group Medical Services

 StudentPlan **


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* Compare benefitsManulife Financial vs. Travel Underwriters

** With this plan, students playing competitive sports on official university sports teams are covered for medical expenses that are a result of participation in their sport.


Why you need Student hospital and medical insurance

When you study outside of Canada or your province of residence, your provincial health care plan offers limited coverage for emergency medical care. Student medical insurance provides many important medical benefits that your provincial health plan lacks. This policy may be also purchased for accompanying family members of the student.




You must be insured or eligible for benefits under the government health care plan of the province or territory in which you reside, for the entire period of coverage.


Extended Absence from Canada
The provincial and territorial government health insurance plans limit the time a person can be out of Canada and still remain eligible for provincial healthcare coverage (180-212 days depending on province or territory). Check your province's health plan for details before leaving your province of residence.


If your provincial health insurance plan terminates because of your long absence from your province of residence, you can consider Canadian Expatriate Hospital& Medical Insurance after the expiry date of your provincial plan.



Other options for Canadian Students studying abroad.

If you  usually spend  3-4 months in the country of study  and come back home  for vacations, you can buy regular multi-trip emergency medical travel insurance. You’ll be covered for 12 months and can travel for an unlimited number of trips which start and end in your province of residence, up to the trip duration you have chosen. Choose from 95, 125, 155-day multi-trip plans.

These plans may be cheaper than Student medical insurance. However, they do not include some benefits which usually Student medical insurance covers: tutorial services, maternity benefit, psychiatric care, annual physician visit and eye examination. Please refer to the policy wording for details.

Insurance Provider

Plan Details

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►   TIC Travel 

 Travel Insurance for Canadians


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►   Travel Underwriters

 Freedom Travel Insurance


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