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Group Medical Services
® Travel Insurance


TravelStar Travel insurance offers Emergency Medical insurance with coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions and Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance.


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What's on This Page

Policy wording

Emergency Medical Insurance

(Single-Trip and Multi-Trip)

Key Features

Summary of Medical Coverage

Eligibility & Medical Questionnaire

(for applicants 60 years old and over)

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions


What to do if you get sick or injured



What coverage you will get

Emergency Medical Insurance


You are NOT eligible for coverage if you:

1) are awaiting tests or medical treatment for a heart condition;

2) have a surgically untreated vascular aneurism;

3) have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF);

4) have an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD);

5) were diagnosed, received new medical treatment (e.g. consultation, tests or prescription drugs); or had a change in your medical treatment (e.g.  stop, start or dosage change to a prescription drug, other than a dosage change of Coumadin or Warfarin) for , any of the following heart and vascular conditions in the last twelve (12) months:

a. heart transplant;

b. atrial flutter;

c. atrial/venticular disease;

d. peripheral vascular disease;

e. stroke/TIA; or

f. blood clots.

6) have diabetes that is treated with insulin AND take prescription medication for a heart condition (excluding medication to treat high cholesterol or high blood pressure);

7) use home oxygen or take oral steroids to treat a lung condition;

8) are currently being treated for cancer, excluding breast or prostate cancer treated exclusively with hormone therapy;

9) were diagnosed, received a new medical treatment (e.g. consultation, tests or prescription drugs); or had a change in your medical treatment (e.g.  stop, start or dosage change to a prescription drug) for , any of the following conditions in the last twelve (12) months:

a. liver failure;

b. GI bleed;

c. AIDs; or

d. terminal illness.

10. have had any of the following procedures in the last twelve (12) months;

a. valve surgery or replacement;

b. kidney dialysis;

c. organ, stem, cell or bone marrow transplant;

11. require assistance from another person (s) with activities of daily living (ADL) if your are seventy (70) years of age or older;

12. are not a Canadian residents; and

13. have not purchased prior to departing on your trip, unless purchased as a top-up to an existing GMS policy.

If you are 16 years of age or older and have used tobacco or tobacco products in the last 24 months, a 15% smoking surcharge applies.


Single Trip Daily Emergency Medical
TravelStar® Daily protects you in the event of medical emergencies when you’re traveling out of province or out of Canada. It provides up to $5 million coverage for emergency benefits.

Travel for short and long-term trips, no age restrictions, and 24-hour worldwide travel assistance.

You may choose a Single-Trip Plan to top-up a Multi-Trip Annual Plan or other limited travel insurance when additional days are needed to cover your trip. A top-up is a new GMS policy which is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the TravelStar policy wording.


Multi-Trip Annual Travel Emergency Medical
The Multi-Trip Annual Travel plan provides emergency medical coverage for travel outside your province or outside Canada for trips under 15 and 30 days.

Buy it once and take as many trips as you want in a year. You’ll be covered for 12 months and can take an unlimited number of trips up to the trip duration you have chosen. Coverage for each separate trip commences and becomes effective immediately upon your departure from your province or territory of residence and expires when you return to your province or territory of residence. For any trip which is longer, you can purchase a top-up before your departure.

To purchase the Multi-Trip Annual Travel Plan, you must be age seventy-nine (79) or less at the effective date.

This policy does not covered any expenses for work related accidents



Single trip plan: Automatic $250 deductible; $0 deductible  is available for 10% surcharge. Deductible $1,000 - 10% discount, deductible $5,000 - 20% discount. $0 deductible is not available for trips over 180 days.

Multi trip plan: Automatic $0 deductible; $250 deductible  is available for 10% discount. Deductible $1,000 - 20% discount, deductible $5,000 - 30% discount.


Emergency Medical Benefits



Maximum Liability

up to $5,000,000 CAD


Hospital accommodations up to semi-private rooms and hospital services and supplies necessary for emergency care during hospitalization; hospital services and supplies; medical treatment while in-hospital.

One follow-up visit related to the covered emergency is covered. The follow-up visit must occur within 14 days of discharge.  

Medical Services

Expenses for medical treatment from a physician .

Diagnostic Services

Expenses for basic diagnostic tests. Pre-approval by GMS is required for advanced diagnostic testing.

Out-Patient Treatment

Expenses for out-patient medical treatment.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs and medication prescribed by a physician. Maximum of a thirty (30) day prescription.

Private Duty Nursing

Up to maximum $5,000 per person during in-hospital care or in lieu of in-hospital care. Pre-approval by GMS is required 

Road Ambulance

Covers expenses for the use of a licensed road ambulance in the emergency situation to the nearest  hospital.

Air Ambulance

Expenses up to a maximum of $20,000 for the use of a helicopter air ambulance in a medical emergency involving life threatening circumstances. Pre-approval by GMS is required.

Remote Evacuation

Up to maximum of $20,000 for evacuation from remote location to nearest accessible hospital.


Transportation to by air ambulance (excluding helicopters)or regular commom carrier to your province of residence. Pre-approval by GMS is required.

Special Attendant

One round-trip, economy class airfare for a medical attendant to accompany you back to your province of residence.

Paramedical Services

Up to $300 for the emergency services of an osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, and/or podiatrist.

Emergency Dental Services

Up to $2,000 per injury and up to $250 for the relief of dental pain.

Return of Remains

Preparation and transportation to your country of origin, destination in Canada up to $7,000, or the cost of cremation or burial at the place of death - up to $3,000. Pre-approval by GMS is required.

Child Care

If you are hospitalized, up to $500 for licensed child care for a dependant that is traveling with you.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Accommodations, meals, phone calls and taxi or bus fares incurred by an accompanying family member in the event hospitalization continues after the policy expiry date, up to $1,000.

Coverage Continuation

When you return home early because of an unexpected event, coverage will continue when you resume your trip prior to the poly expiry date.

Other Benefits

Return of Family Member, Family to Bedside, Family Member Transportation to identify remains, Return of Vehicle, Return of Cat or Dog, Escort of Insured Children

24-Hour Travel Assistance Services

Coordination of all medical care, transportation, and repatriation; telephone interpretation services in most languages; monitoring of progress during treatment and recovery by managed care.

This is a summary of the benefits. Please read the Policy wording before purchasing the policy for more details on the coverage provided, conditions, exclusions and claim procedure. 


Exclusions and limitations.  Travel medical insurance does not cover everything. This insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please read them and understand the policy before you buy this insurance.

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition exclusion may apply to a medical condition and/or symptoms that existed prior to your trip.

This policy pays for emergency medical expenses relating to pre-existing medical conditions which have been STABLE in 180 days before the effective date of the policy. Please Click here for more information.


Other Exclusions


NOTE: The product related information is for illustration purpose only. Please refer to  the Policy wording for details on the coverage provided, conditions, exclusion and claim procedure.  


Get a quote and buy online


If you have questions, need help to complete the online application, or want to purchase a policy please call at 416-493-0101 (or 1-877-443-0101) or click here to send your question.


What to do if you get sick or injured.

Have your policy confirmation with you at all times. In the event of sickness or injury which may result in claim, you, or someone on your behalf, must contact GMS assistance centre prior to treatment whenever possible.

You can find GMS Assistance Centre phone numbers in your confirmation of coverage in Section "IMPORTANT INFORMATION". When contacting the Assistance Centre, please provide your name, your policy number, your location and the nature of your emergency.



To apply for benefits under this policy, you will need to send a completed claim form (with all original bills attached) to GMS. Consult the claim guideline in your Policy wording.

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