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Blue Cross 
Travel Insurance for Canadians


Blue Cross Travel insurance offers the Emergency Medical Care benefit, as well as Trip Cancellation or Interruption, Accidental Death or Dismemberment, Air Flight Accident, Emergency Return, Baggage and Car Rental Physical Damage benefit. You may choose one or several benefits in one policy.

COVID-19 coverage

• Emergency medical care related to COVID-19 is covered, as long as you do not have symptoms when you leave.

• COVID-19 is a known and not covered situation for the Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefit. Therefore, you will not be covered if you must cancel or interrupt your trip for this reason.


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What's on This Page

Policy Wording

Emergency Medical Insurance

Key Features

 Summary of Medical Coverage

Emergency Return Benefit

Pre-Existing Medical Condition &

   Other Exclusions



Package Plus

Canada Package


What to do if you got sick or injured


What coverage you will get

Emergency Medical Care Benefit for one trip (single trip plans) and many trips (multi-trip annual plans)

Who can apply: At the time of application and during the entire period of coverage, all covered persons must be covered under the government health and hospitalization programs of their province of residence.


Eligibility (age 55+)

In order to be eligible for purchasing or renewing a travel insurance contract which includes Emergency Medical Care benefit, the covered person aged 55 and over must not:

• Have received medical advice not to travel;

• Suffer from a medical condition in a terminal stage,

• Suffer from kidney failure treated through dialysis;

• Have been diagnosed with or treated for metastatic cancer in the past 5 years;

• Have been prescribed or treated with home oxygen in the past12 months.


Single-Trip Plan provides coverage for one trip from your province of residence.

Trip break: During the period of coverage you can return to their province of residence and go back to your destination without terminating the insurance contract. You must meet insurance eligibility criteria before leaving again.


Multi-Trip Annual Plans

If you take two or more trips each year, you can purchase a Multi-trip annual plan for an unlimited number of trips taken during one year. Coverage for each separate trip commences and becomes effective immediately upon your departure from your province of residence and the duration of each trip does not exceed the number of days per trip chosen at the time of purchase this insurance.

You can consider 4, 8,17,31,60,90,120,150 or 180 days per trip. Proof showing the duration of the trip will be required when processing a claim.

 If your trip duration exceeds the  maximum number of days allowable per trip, you can purchase a discounted Blue Cross policy which would cover the entire trip duration for Blue Cross. 

A Top-up (or extension)  purchased from another insurer shall render your Blue Cross  contract null and void in its entirety.


Age means your age on the application date. No maximum age limit.



The following deductible options are available for Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Care plans: $0, $250, $500, $1,500, $2,500, $5,000 CAD.



Full refund: You may cancel your Emergency Medical policy (Single trip or Multi-trip) prior to your policy effective date.

Partial refund (Single trip Emergency Medical policy): If you return home early, you may request a refund of premium for the unused coverage days of your trip providing there has been no claim submitted for this trip. You must provide proof of your return date. The countdown of unused days starts the day after your return and a $25 fee applies.

Refunds and cancellations are not available:

• On the policies that include the Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Emergency Return benefits, and

• Annual Multi-Trip policies after the policy effective date.



Coverage under this contract may be extended:

• If the covered persons remains eligible for insurance;

• If the insured's health condition remains unchanged since the departure date;

• If the covered person files a claim during the initial period of coverage, the insurer’s approval is required to extend the contract. Once the approval to extend the contract has been granted, any claim that pertains to an event that occurred during the initial period of coverage will be rejected.

• The contract holder must file a request for extension prior to the end of the initial period of coverage by contacting the Insurer.

The contract must cover the total duration of the trip including the return date and the extension must be purchased from Blue Cross.

An extension purchased from another insurance company shall render your Blue Cross contract null and void in its entirety.


Automatic Extensions to Coverage

All coverage will automatically be extended free of charge: a) b) c) :

• up to 24 hours when the return home is delayed due to the carrier or as the result of a traffic accident or mechanical failure of the private vehicle returning to the departure point (claim must be supported by documentary proof);

• during the period of hospitalization and the 24 hours which follow the discharge from hospital of a covered person;

• up to 72 hours when the return home is delayed due to a covered person’s illness occurring within 24 hours prior to the contracted return date and requiring emergency medical care.



This insurance includes the following Emergency Medical Care Benefits and Servcies

Key Benefits Details

Maximum liability

Reasonable and customary charges, subject to a maximum of $5,000,000 provided that these charges are not incurred before obtaining the approval of CanAssistance.

Emergency medical treatment

The cost of hospital services in a private or semi-private room which is in excess of the amount refunded or refundable under government programs.

Physicians’ fees: the difference between fees charged by a physician and benefits allowed under government programs;

The fees of a registered nurse (other than a relative) for private care while hospitalized and when medically necessary and prescribed by the attending physician;

The purchase or rental cost of crutches, canes or splints and the rental cost of wheelchairs, orthopedic corsets and other medical appliances when prescribed by the attending physician;

The charges for laboratory tests and X-rays when prescribed by the attending physician;

The cost of drugs requiring a physician’s prescription, when required as part of emergency treatment (except when they are required for the continued stabilization of a chronic medical condition;

Professional services

Physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or podiatrist when medically necessary and prescribed by the attending physician, up to a maximum of $300 per profession.

Dermatological emergencies up to a maximum of $300 per trip.

Emergency dental treatment

The fees of dental surgeons for emergency dental care treatment, excluding root canal therapy, up to $500 per trip and per covered person.

The fees of dental surgeons up to $2,000 per accident and per covered person for treatment necessitated by an external injury (not as a result of introduction of food or an object into the mouth), only when natural and healthy teeth which have had no previous treatment are damaged

Incidental expenses

The expenses inherent to hospitalization (telephone, television, parking etc.) upon presentation of documentary proof up to a maximum of $100 per hospitalization.

Subsistence allowance

Up to $3,000 (maximum $300 per day) for the cost of accommodation and meals in a commercial establishment, when a covered person’s return must be delayed due to illness or bodily injury to himself or to an accompanying immediate family member or travelling companion.

The following services must be approved and planned by CanAssistance:

Ambulance or taxi service

The cost of local ambulance or air ambulance service to the nearest accredited medical facility, including inter-hospital transfer when the attending physician and CanAssistance determine that existing facilities are inadequate to treat or stabilize the patient’s condition.

Repatriation to the province of residence

The cost of repatriation of the covered person to his province of residence by means of appropriate transportation in order to receive immediate medical attention following the authorization of the attending physician and CanAssistance.

Transportation to visit the covered person

Prior to transportation of the deceased, the insurer covers the following expenses:

1. Up to $1,200 for:

- The cost of accommodation, the cost of meals in a commercial establishment, and the cost of child care services, up to a daily maximum of $300;

- The cost of travel insurance.

2. The total cost of round-trip, economy class transportation. In the event that the family member or friend of the covered person travels to the hospital where the covered person is being treated, the expenses described above will be reimbursed only if the covered person remains hospitalized for at least 7 days and the attending physician acknowledges in writing that the visit is necessary.

Return of the deceased

The cost of preparation and transportation of the deceased person (excluding the cost of a coffin) to the departure point in the province of residence or the cost of cremation or burial on site (excluding the cost of a coffin, an urn and a gravestone), subject to a total reimbursement of $10,000.

Vehicle return

The cost of returning a covered person’s road vehicle by a commercial agency, or by any person authorized by CanAssistance, when the covered person is unable to return the vehicle due to illness or accident, subject to a maximum refund of $5,000.

Baggage return

When the covered person is repatriated for medical reasons to the province of residence at the Insurer’s expense, the cost to bring back the covered person's baggage to the province of residence is covered, up to a maximum of $300.

Pet return

When the covered person is repatriated for medical reasons to the province of residence at the Insurer's expense, the cost to bring back the covered person's pet to the province of residence is covered, up to a maximum of $500.


Emergency Return Benefit

Covers transportation expenses for the return to the province of residence and then the return to the original trip destination if the return is made necessary by:

- death, or hospitalization for at least 7 days of a member of the family of the covered person, a family member of his spouse or of the person for whom the covered person acts as legal guardian or estate executor. It is not necessary to wait 7 days before departure, but expenses will be reimbursed only if the person remains hospitalized for at least 7 days;

- disaster which renders the covered person’s principal residence uninhabitable or causes significant damages to his commercial establishment. The refundable expenses correspond to the cost of a round-trip public transportation economy fare ticket by the most direct route.

Exclusions and reductions of coverage

1. Only one emergency return per trip shall be reimbursed;

2. When applying for insurance, the covered person must not know the reason which would keep him from continuing his trip as originally planned;

3. Accommodation costs during transportation are not covered.



Travel medical insurance does not cover everything. This insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please read them and understand the policy before you buy this insurance.


Exclusions Relating to Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

No benefits are payable under this benefit if the loss sustained or the expenses incurred result directly or indirectly from one of the following causes:

1. For persons under the age of 55, during the 3 months prior to the effective date of coverage, and

For persons aged 55 and over, during the 6 months prior to the effective date of coverage:

a) any illness, injury or condition (with the exception of a minor ailment} related to a medical condition for which the covered person:

- consulted a physician (other than for a regular check-up), or;

- was hospitalized, or;

- was prescribed or received a new treatment, or;

- received a change in an existing treatment, or;

- was prescribed or took a new medication, or;

- received a change in existing medication (including usage or dosage).

b) any heart condition for which the covered person took nitroglycerin more than once in a 7-day period for the relief of chest pain.

c) any pulmonary condition for which the covered person was treated with home oxygen or needed corticosteroid therapy.


2. For persons aged 55 to 75 and covered for 32 days or more OR aged 76 and over:

A) The following particular medical conditions are excluded unless otherwise stipulated on the insurance certificate. The Medical questionnaire is required to determine eligibility for coverage for these conditions.:

a) During the lifetime of the covered person, any illness or condition related to the following medical conditions for which the covered person was diagnosed with or treated for:

- cardiovascular condition (myocardial infarction, bypass, angioplasty, angina, arrhythmia, pacemaker, congestive heart failure, defibrillator, valvulopathy or valve replacement, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, pulmonary hypertension, aortic aneurysm);

- kidney failure;

- organ transplant (heart, liver, pancreas, lung, bone marrow);

b) During the 24 months prior to the effective date of coverage, any chronic pulmonary condition (asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis) for which the covered person was hospitalized or took cortisone pills.

c) During the 12 months prior to the effective date of coverage, any illness or condition related to one of the following conditions:

- cancer (with the exception of basal cell carcinoma) for which the insured person was diagnosed with or treated for;

- gastrointestinal condition (cirrhosis, hepatitis C, intestinal obstruction, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis) for which the insured person was diagnosed with or treated for.


The Insurer does not consider a change in existing medication the following elements:

- the routine adjustment of insulin or Coumadin;

- a change from a brand name medication to a generic brand medication, provided the dosage is the same;

- Aspirin® taken for поп-prescribed medical purposes;

- decrease of the dosage of cholesterol medication;

- hormone replacement therapy;

- vitamins and minerals and non-prescription medication;

- creams or ointments prescribed for cutaneous irritations.


Some Other Exclusions

No benefits are payable under this benefit if the loss sustained or the expenses incurred result directly or indirectly from one of the following causes:

●  Any state or condition for which symptoms were ignored or for which medical advice was not followed or the recommended investigations, treatments, tests or procedures were not carried out.

●  Pregnancy, delivery or complications resulting from either of these events, during the 8 weeks before or after the expected date of delivery.

●  Accident sustained by the covered person while participating in a sport for remuneration or in a sporting event where cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

●  Abuse of medication or alcohol, or use of drugs, use of experimental drugs or products or any other drug-addiction, and any condition arising therefrom.

●  No benefits are payable if trip is undertaken for the purpose of receiving medical attention or paramedical services.

●  Any condition resulting from a mental, nervous, psychological or psychiatric problem, unless the covered person is hospitalized for that specific reason.

●  Care or treatments received outside the province of residence, when such care or treatments could have been obtained in the province of residence without endangering the life or health of the covered person, with the exception of care for immediately necessary treatment following an emergency resulting from an accident or sudden illness.

●  Any claim for patients in chronic care hospitals or public hospital rehabilitation services, or in nursing homes or health spas.

●  Any care, treatment, products or services other than those declared by the appropriate authorities to be required for the treatment of the injury or disease or stabilization of the medical condition.

●  Care or treatments such as those rendered by an acupuncturist, a homeopath or a naturopath.

Any benefit that must be authorized or arranged in advance by the Assistance Centre when it has given no authorization or made no arrangement for that benefit.

●  Failure of the covered person to communicate beforehand with CanAssistance in the event of medical consultation or hospitalization following an accident or sudden illness.

●  Once the contract has been extended, any medical condition that arose during the initial period of coverage will be excluded as of the date of the extension.

●  Expenses exceeding $10,000 for emergency air evacuation to the nearest medical facility when the transportation was not planned by CanAssistance.

●  Expenses incurred in the covered person’s province of residence or upon return to the destination if these expenses are related to a change in health condition of the covered person while on Trip break in his province of residence.

Please refer to the Policy Wording for a full list of exclusions and limitations.



Packages (Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Annual)

If you make pre-paid travel arrangements, you may want to choose the All-Inclusive plan that includes:


Insurance Offered Coverage Amounts per Insured

Emergency Medical Insurance

up to $5,000,000 per policy

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

- Before departure 

- After departure

According to the amount shown on the insurance certificate


Baggage Insurance

Up to $1,500

Accidental Death or Dismemberment

Up to $100,000

Air Flight Accident

Up to 300,000

Travel Assistance



Blue Cross offers Package Plus and Canada Package.

Package Plus can be purchased:

- All inclusive: all benefits listed above are included;

- without Emergency Medical Care ;

- without the Trip Cancellation & Interruption benefit;

- without Trip Cancellation but with Trip Interruption benefit;

- without Emergency Medical Care and Trip Cancellation insurance but with Trip Interruption benefit;


Canada Package can be purchased:

- All inclusive

- without Trip Cancellation coverage but with Trip Interruption benefit;

- without Trip Cancellation or Interruption insurance.

The Canada Package is applicable only within the Canadian borders. Any trip outside Canada is not covered under this product


For packages with Trip Cancellation and/or Interruption: the purchase or prepayment of land or sea arrangements or transportation ticket are compulsory.

Please refer for the Policy Wording for details.


NOTE: The product-related information is for illustration purpose only. Please refer to the Policy wording for details on the coverage provided, conditions, exclusions, limitations and claim procedure.


Request a Quote



If you have questions about this insurance coverage, or need help to complete the online application, or you want to purchase a policy, please, call at 416-493-0101 or 1-877-443-0101 or click here to ask your question Online.


What to do if you got sick or injured

If the insured needs health care abroad, he or a travelling companion must call CanAssistance immediately.

Canada, United States:  1-800-361-6068

Elsewhere in the world, collect:  514-286-8411

Assistance agents offer the covered person 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

If the covered person cannot call collect, the Insurer will reimburse the cost. The Insurer will not pay for roaming charges.

For better service, the covered person must give his name, the phone number where he is calling from and his contract number.

Notice: Failure to contact CanAssistance beforehand in the event of medical consultation or hospitalization following an accident or sudden illness could result in the compensation requested being refused.



To obtain an extension, the covered person must contact the Insurer at:

Canada, United States:  1-877-986-7681

Elsewhere in the world, collect:  514-286-7681


Settlement of Claims

To obtain a claim form, the covered person may contact our Customer Service Department at one of the following numbers:

Ontario and Atlantic region:  1-800-557-3907

Quebec:  514-286-6690 /1-800-387-2538

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