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                               The Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is a Government of Canada grant to help modest-income families start saving early for their child’s education after high school. 

The Canada Learning Bond is put directly into an RESP, in which the child is named as a beneficiary.


Eligibility for the CLB

You can get the Canada Learning Bond if:

  • Your child was born after December 31st, 2003; and

  • Your monthly Canada Child Tax Benefit payment (commonly known as “baby bonus” or “family allowance”) includes the National Child Benefit Supplement.*

*The supplement is generally for families with a net annual income below $38,832 ( in 2008). This amount is updated each year based on the rate of inflation.


The Amount of the CLB

For families who qualify, the Government will add to a child’s RESP by making a first payment of $500. Families that receive the Canada Learning Bond will also get extra payments of $100 a year for up to 15 years, as long as they receive the National Child Benefit Supplement.


Lifetime CLB Limit

The total CLB available for a child could amount to $2,000.


Using the CLB

As soon as a child named in an RESP is enrolled in a qualifying educational program or a specified educational program, he or she can start receiving money. At that time, the CLB along with the CESG and income earned by the money in the RESP is paid to the beneficiary as Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs). Each EAP includes a specific amount of the CLB.

If the child named in an RESP does not continue education after high school, the CLB must be returned to the Government of Canada. The CLB cannot be used by another child.


Steps to Getting the CLB

  To get the CLB, all you need to do is to:

  • First apply for a birth certificate and then a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for your child.

  • Apply to the Canada Revenue Agency for the Canada Child Tax Benefit.  

  • Open an RESP for a child (Call us at 416-493-0101 for details).

  • The financial institution where you opened your  RESP will apply for the CLB on your behalf.

The grant money will be deposited directly into the RESP. 


Contact us to get more information of how to open RESP, how it can help you to save money for your children's education.


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