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Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance
for Canadian Travelers

Get your instant online quotes, compare Trip Cancellation / Interruption and Trip Interruption insurance cost and plans from different Canadian travel insurance providers (Manulife, TuGo, Allianz, GMS, RSA Travel). Choose your best affordable solution from a variety of options and buy insurance ONLINE directly from the insurer.

Trip Cancellation insurance covers the cost of a trip if something unexpectedly happens before your departure date, causing you to cancel your trip. For example, if you or your travel companion get sick or injured before a trip, Trip Cancellation should cover it. This insurance could also cover your trip if a member of your or your travel companion’s immediate family get sick or injured. Trip Cancellation Insurance might also cover non-medical related events including natural disasters or a job loss.

Trip Interruption insurance covers events that happen on or after your departure date to your trip causing you to disrupt or interrupt your trip, or to return earlier or later than your original return date. For example, if one of your flights is delayed, this insurance policy should reimburse your reasonable expenses for accommodation, meals, internet, telephone.


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Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or as a part of Non-Medical Package and All-Inclusive plans. Non-medical Package usually includes Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance, Baggage insurance and AD&D insurance (Flight & Travel Accident insurance). All-Inclusive plan includes Emergency Medical insurance and Non-Medical Package.


What this insurance pays for

TRIP CANCELLATION (before departure)

When your trip is cancelled before your scheduled departure date due to a covered event, the following are payable:

The non-refundable and non-transferrable portion of pre-paid transportation; pre-paid travel arrangements and cancellation penalties; and

The difference between double occupancy (or applicable rate) and single occupancy rate when an insured risk prevents your travelling companion from travelling with you.

TRIP INTERRUPTION (after departure)

When your trip is interrupted after your departure due to a covered event, the following are payable:

The lesser of;

a. one-way transportation to your province of residence; and

b. the fee charged by the common carrier to change your contracted return date;

Unused, non-refundable travel arrangements (if any) when you must return to your province of residence earlier than the contracted return date and miss part of your trip;

The additional cost of transportation to rejoin a tour, group or trip if you have not been returned to your province of residence as a result of an insured risk; and

In the case of death, up to benefit limit for the preparation and transportation of your remains to your province of residence, or for cremation or burial at the place of death.

TRIP DELAY (before or after departure)

When your trip is delayed due to a covered event, the following are payable :

1.  The extra expense of one-way transportation to the contracted destination; and

2. The cost of out-of-pocket expenses during longer delays (such as meals, accommodations, telephone calls and taxi fare).

Risks Covered under Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

When you purchase Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage, you'll protect the financial investment you made in your trip should an event like the following arise:


•  Sickness, injury, death or quarantine of you, a travel companion, an immediate family member, a travel companion’s immediate family member or a caregiver.

•  Death or emergency hospitalization of a business partner, a key employee or a close friend occurring before the contracted departure date or during the covered trip.

•  Death or emergency hospitalization of your host at trip destination.

Note. Pre-existing condition exclusion : Trip cancellation & Interruption insurance does not cover loss, expenses or benefits relating to any pre-existing condition affecting you or your travelling companion or the immediate family member, business partner, key employee, close friend, host at destination, unless the pre-existing condition was STABLE within a stability period (60, or 90, or 180 days) before the policy effective date or date of booking your trip (depending on the plan).

Pregnancy & Adoption

•  Complications due to your, your spouse's or your immediate family member's pregnancy within the first 31 weeks, that prevents or interrupt your travel.

•  Unexpected pregnancy occurring after booking a trip, which prevents your travel if the expected due date falls within 9 weeks of departure.

•  You or your travelling companion being notified after booking your trip, that the actual date of a legal adoption of a child in scheduled to take place during your trip.

Employment & Occupation

•  You or your travelling companion’s job transfer that results in the relocation of your or your travelling companion’s principal residence.

•  Involuntary loss of your, your spouse’s, your travelling companion’s or your travelling companion’s spouse’s permanent employment not reasonably foreseeable at the time of booking your trip .

•  A cancellation of a business meeting at your final destination beyond your or your employer’s control. Only the travel costs directly related to the business meeting will be reimbursed.


•  You or your travelling companion being summoned to police, fire or military services (active or reserve).

•  You or your travelling companion being subpoenaed, after the trip is booked or after the date this Insurance is purchased, whichever occurs later, for jury duty, as a witness, or required to appear at a court proceeding during the period of travel (excluding law enforcement officers).

•  The non-issuance of your or your travelling companion’s travel or student visa (not including an immigration or employment visa) for reasons beyond your or your travelling companion’s control, provided you or your travelling companion were eligible to make such an application.

Government Advisory, Terrorism

•  A Government of Canada Travel Advisory is issued during your trip or after the date your trip is booked or after the date this Insurance is purchased, whichever occurs later, advising Canadians to avoid all or non-essential travel to destination included in your trip.

•  You or your travel companion experience a loss caused by terrorism that would be payable under one of the covered risks.

Delays, Schedule Changes & Misconnections

•  Delay of a common carrier, or a private vehicle due to weather conditions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, a traffic accident, mechanical failure of the common carrier, or that private vehicle, a traffic accident, or an emergency police-directed road closure.

•  A schedule change of the airline carrier that is providing transportation for a portion of your trip, causing you to miss a connection.

•  You or your traveling companion miss a connection due to weather condition, a schedule change or a mechanical failure of the common carrier.

•  Your cruise is cancelled prior to the departure of the cruise due to the mechanical failure, grounding, quarantine of the cruise ship, reposition of the ship due to weather conditions, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.


•  You or your travel companion are unable your/their principal residence or to operate your/their business because  of a natural disaster.

•  You, your spouse, your travelling companion or your travel companion's spouse are quarantined or hijacked.

NOTE: The Information above is for illustration purpose only. Actually, a list of covered risks may be different with various insurance policies. All benefits are subject to policy's maximums, exclusions and limitations.  Refer to the policy wording for details on the coverage provided, conditions, exclusions and limitations.


Annual Multi-trip Plans

If you are planning two or more trips from your home province during one year, you can consider an annual multi-trip travel insurance  plan. Annual Multi-trip All-Inclusive, All-inclusive Non-Medical and Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance plans are available with various insurance providers.  

You’ll be covered for 12 months and can travel for an unlimited number of trips during this period of time. The amount of coverage for Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance shown on your policy may be aggregated policy limit for all trips during one year or the amount of coverage per trip (depending on the plan).



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