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Travel Medical Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds and Seniors


COVID-19 Travel Insurance: Currently, coverage for coronavirus (COVID-19) related medical expenses for Canadian seniors and snowbirds travelling abroad is available with  Allianz Covid-19 Plan (no medical questionnaire),  Manulife COVID-19 Pandemic PlanTourMedBlue CrossTuGoDestination Travel21st Century TravelTrue Escape & True Senior Guard, Travelance .

To get a quote for the plan best suited to your insurance needs, please complete the Medical Questionnaire ONLINE


Get Your Best Quote for Travel Insurance

Choose from excellent travel insurance plans for snowbirds and seniors from different Canadian insurance companies that provide coverage that can match your individual health needs.

Most travel medical insurance plans for Canadian seniors and snowbirds are medically underwritten, and travelers have to complete a medical questionnaire to determine their eligibility and cost of insurance. When travelers have pre-existing medical conditions, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions requires special consideration when choosing travel medical insurance.

Medical questionnaires are slightly different with various insurance companies, and you may qualify for better rate with one of the companies and get higher rate with another one. On this page, you can complete ONLINE and submit to us a generalized medical questionnaire, in which travel medical questionnaires with various insurers (Manulife, Allianz, TuGo, GMS, Destination, TourMed and other) are combined. We will help you select travel medical insurance plan that is right for you.


Complete Medical Questionnaire Online


Canadian snowbirds and seniors can also get their instant ONLINE quotes or buy insurance directly from insurance providers: Manulife, TuGo, Blue Cross. Please click on the following links, and you will be redirected to the insurer's secure website:

Manulife Financial    |    TuGo Traveller     |     Blue Cross

There is no age limit: travelers 70, 75, 80, 85, 90+ years old are welcome.

What's on This Page

● How Much Will I Pay for Insurance?

  Medical Questionnaire required

  No Medical Questionnaire Plans

    (limited trip duration)

●  Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

● Unstable Pre-Existing conditions

●  Annual Multi-Trip Plans

● Top-up  before & after Departure

●  Trip Cancellation & Interruption

     Insurance  - Get ONLINE Quote

●  What to do if you got sick or injured

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For assistance or to buy a policy,

please call at 

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What travel insurance is right for you?

When choosing Travel Emergency medical insurance, you need to find the answers to three questions in the following order:

1) Do I qualify?

Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements.

The eligibility requirements  are usually shown in the first section of the medical questionnaire, which you will have to fill out when applying for travel insurance. Or you can find these requirements on the first pages of any travel insurance policy wording.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the policy, you can look for another policy or call us for consultation.  If you meet the eligibility requirements for a particular policy, you can purchase this policy and you will have medical coverage for sudden and unexpected emergency, which may occur outside your province of residence.  


2)  How much will I pay for this insurance?

You can consider two options.

Medical questionnaire is required to determine the cost of your insurance

Application for medical insurance for snowbirds and seniors usually includes a medical questionnaire to determine your eligibility and the cost of your insurance, which depends on your answers to medical questions on this questionnaire.


The cost of your insurance is based on the information provided by you on this questionnaire. No matter whether your pre-existing condition stable or not, you need to disclose your medical information as it is required in the questionnaire. Even a small dosage of a prescribed medication is considered a treatment, and this condition should be disclosed on the questionnaire if required.

Medical questionnaires are different with various insurance companies, and you may qualify for better rates with one of the companies and get higher rate with another one. Complete the Generalized Medical Questionnaire to select your best solution from a lot of travel insurance plans offered by Manulife, Allianz, TuGo, Blue Cross, Destination Travel Group, GMS, and other travel insurance providers. We will get your questionnaire and help you select travel medical insurance plan that meets your insurance needs.


No medical questionnaire required (limited trip duration)

If your trip is not long, you do not want to complete medical questionnaires, you can consider travel medical insurance that does not require a medical questionnaire to determine the cost of your insurance.

However, you must meet the eligibility requirements for this policy. This insurance pays for emergency medical expenses relating to your pre-existing medical conditions, which have been stable within a stability period prior to the effective date of the policy.

●  Destination Travel Leisure plan (Buy Online, for ages up to 74, for up to 25 days per trip)

●  Blue Cross (Buy Online, for ages up to 75, up to 31 days per trip)

●  TourMed Travel (Buy Online, for ages up to 74, up to 15 day per trip)

●  Travelance Emergency Medical Insurance (Buy Online, for ages up to 89)

●  True Escape Travel Insurance (for ages up to 90)

Please call at 416-493-0101 or 1-877-443-0101 for more information, to get a quote and to buy insurance.


3)  Will my pre-existing condition be covered?

Your medical condition(s) disclosed on the medical questionnaire may NOT be covered. Travel medical insurance only covers STABLE pre-existing medical conditions, no matter whether these pre-existing conditions are mentioned or not mentioned in the questionnaire as well as if there is no questionnaire at all.

Generally, pre-existing condition means a medical condition that existed before your departure date (heart condition, lung condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.).  If you want to have coverage for your pre-existing condition, please make sure that this condition is stable in  terms of the policy you want to apply for.

Most travel medical insurance policies cover emergency medical expenses relating to a pre-existing medical condition, if this condition has remained STABLE during a certain period of time before the effective date as stated in the policy wording. Standard stability period may vary from 90 days to 365 days and may depend on the applicant's age and rate category as determined on the medical questionnaire. If your medical condition does not meet the stability requirements within a stability period stated in the policy, this condition is considered unstable and will be excluded from the policy (not covered).

Reduced Stability Period Options : However, some policies have Reduced Stability Period riders, which may meet your insurance needs. 7-day stability, 30-day stability periods are available at additional cost. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Definition of STABLE may be a little bit different with various insurers. Basically, STABLE means: there have been no new symptoms, new medications or alteration in medications, dosage and frequency of taking, no new treatment or change in treatment, no hospitalization, no tests or medical consultation scheduled or recommended within this stability period. Please refer to the policy wording for definition of stable pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing condition exclusion applies to each condition separately whether it is mentioned in the medical questionnaire or not. You may have a few pre-existing medical conditions : only a condition that meets the stability requirements stated in policy will be covered in the event of an emergency relating to this condition.


Other Exclusions and Limitation

- Travel insurance does not cover conditions for which, prior to departure, testing or investigative consultation took place, was scheduled or recommended (not including routine check-up), and for which results had not yet been received at the time of departure.

-  Emergency medical insurance does not pay for prescription drugs or medicines, appliances or devices provided to monitor or maintain stable pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel Medical insurance policy has a row of exclusions and limitations. Please refer to the policy wording for all exclusions, limitations and conditions of the policy. Call us for free consultation.


Annual Multi-trip Plans

If you are planning two or more trips from your home province during one year, you can consider an annual multi-trip travel insurance  plan. 2, 4, 8, 10, 15, 18, 20, 30, 35, 60, 125 - day multi-trip plans are available with different insurers.


You’ll be covered for 12 months and can travel for an unlimited number of trips up to the trip duration you have chosen.  Coverage for each separate trip commences and becomes effective immediately upon your departure from your province or territory of residence and expires when you return to your province or territory of residence. For any trip outside Canada which is longer, you can purchase a top-up before your departure.

For example, if you take 2-3 or more trips during one year and most of your trips are less than 30 days, it makes sense to buy a 30-day annual multi-trip plan and then buy a top-up for a longer trip. It may be the most cost-effective solution.


Multi-trip annual plans with many insurance providers do not limit number of days to  travel outside province of residence but in Canada.


If you are under 60, click here to  get your instant online quote, no medical questionnaire required.

Generally, applicants 60 years old and over have to complete a medical questionnaire  on the application for annual plans. 

However,  15-day and 30-day plans  with Travelance Travel insurance do not require medical questionnaire  for applicant up to 69 years of age, more information >>


In the event of claim, proof of original departure from and return to your province of residence has to be enclosed to a claim form. It may be : Airline tickets, Boarding passes, Gas receipts, Hotel receipts, Meal receipts, Toll highway receipts, Duty-free shop receipts, Copy of credit card statement showing purchases made in province of residence before and after your trip (refer to the policy wording for details).


Topping-ups before Departure and Purchasing Insurance after Departure

If you have already Emergency Medical plan (single-trip or multi-trip) but you need coverage for more days than you have with the existing plan, you can purchase top-up coverage. You should purchase a top-up before leaving your province of residence.


With many insurance providers, daily rates for top-up coverage depend on the total trip length, which includes departure date, return date and days in between. That is why when requesting a quote for a top-up, you need to know the total trip length and number of days covered under your existing policy.


Top-ups do not cover emergencies that occurred during the term of the original policy. Please review your original policy if it provides an automatic extension of coverage in the case of hospitalization on the expiry date of the original policy.


Also, check your existing policy, if a top-up from a different insurer is permitted with no loss of coverage. Some policies cannot be topped up with emergency medical coverage from other insurance providers.


Deductibles and Savings

Deductible amount means the amount of covered expenses that you are responsible for paying per person per emergency claim. The deductible amount is shown on your confirmation of coverage. You can choose deductibles: $0, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 depending on the plan selected): the greater deductible the less premium you have to pay.

Manulife Financial, GMS, RSA Travel, TuGo Quest, Destination Travel, 21st Century plans provide a 5% discount for coverage for a couple.


Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

The cost of your travel arrangements are covered when you purchased Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance plan. The benefits payable under this policy are limited to the travel costs that are non-refundable.

Please click here for more information and get your Instant Online Quote from various insurance providers.

All-Inclusive Travel Insurance policy may include  Emergency Medical insurance, Trip cancellation Insurance & Interruption, Baggage Loss or Damage, Flight & Travel Accident insurance.


What to do if you get sick or injured?

Have your policy confirmation with you at all times. In the event of sickness or injury which may result in claim, please contact ]the insurer's ASSISTANCE CENTRE at the telephone numbers shown on your policy confirmation and the Policy wording, as soon as possible.  When contacting the Assistance Centre, please provide your name, your policy number, your location and the nature of your emergency.

To apply for benefits under travel insurance policy, you will need to send a completed claim form (with all original bills, proof of payment and other documents attached) to the insurance company. You can request a claim form from the insurance company's Assistance Centre. Consult the claim guideline in the Policy wording or the claim procedure.


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For more information, free consultation and to purchase a policy please call at

 416-493-0101, 1-877-443-0101  or Ask Your Question Online


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