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Visitors to Canada Insurance Monthly Payment Plan


Get an instant online quote for super visa health insurance monthly payment plan. The cost of your medical insurance policy may be expensive when you apply for Super Visa insurance or visitors to Canada insurance. With 21st Century Travel Insurance this premium can be paid monthly. This affordable Monthly payment super visa insurance plan is available for $100,000 or $150,000 coverage. You can get a policy for one or two years and pay your policy premiums through monthly payments. However, if you decide to return home early, you can cancel your policy and get a partial refund for the number of unused months.


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Essential information about the Monthly Payment Visitors to Canada & Super Visa Insurance Plan

Who can apply?   Insurance is available for :

- Super Visa Applicants

- Parents and grandparents visiting Canada on Super Visa

- Individuals in Canada on a Temporary Resident, Work or Student visa, or other visitor visa issued by the government of Canada

NEW VISA APPLICATION (Policy issued with a status of “Pending” – no confirmed arrival date)

Under the Monthly Payment Option the first two months premium is payable at the time of purchase ($50 administration fee applies). When applying for a super visa, you won’t know your actual arrival date until the government makes its decision about your visa, so you should NOT Activate the policy now. The Effective Date and Arrival Date on the policy should match the date you’re indicating as your “intended” arrival date on your visa application.


What you receive as your proof of insurance to submit to IRCC

You will get your Policy Confirmation on your email immediately after your first payment is approved. This document should be submitted with your visa application. IRCC is very familiar with 21st Century’s Visitor to Canada Plan and the confirmation documents provided.

If your application for a super visa is approved, your policy will be held in a PENDED status and you will NOT pay premiums until you decide to arrive in Canada. When your tickets to Canada are booked, you have to call us to activate the policy before the arrival date and pay the third month premium.


The third month installment is payable when the policy is activated on your request before the Arrival (Effective) date. Thereafter, the effective date will establish the premium due date in the next 9 months (for a one-year policy).Monthly premium is equal to one-twelfth of the annual premium.

ALREADY HAVE THE VISA (Policy Activated - confirmed arrival date or already in Canada when it is issued).

If the entry visa has already been issued and the actual travel dates are known (or you are already in Canada), the policy should be “activated” at the time of purchase and the deposit will be 3 months plus the policy fee. For activated policies, regular monthly payments will start one month after the effective date of the policy.

If you opted for the Monthly Payment Plan, this insurance will be in effect only if the premium is paid in accordance with the terms of the Monthly Payment Authorization Form which was completed and signed when the Monthly Payment Option was selected.



Before activation

If your super visa application is denied, or your application is formally withdrawn and your coverage under this policy has not been activated, 21st Century will refund any premium paid. Proof of the denial or withdrawal of your super visa application must be provided to 21st Century with your written request for a refund. The $50 Policy Fee for the Monthly Payment Option is non-refundable.


After activation

After you have activated your coverage under this policy, you may terminate your policy due to early departure to your home country or getting a Canadian government health insurance coverage, and apply for a refund of unused premium.


For all early cancellations, only full, unused months will be refunded; partial months will NOT be refunded.

Hint: If your policy starts on the 15th of a month, we will be charging premiums on the 15th of each month after the policy is activated. To avoid losing partial months of premium in this example, plan travel back to the country of origin for no later than the 13th or 14th of a month.


The first two months of premium and the $50 Policy fee are non-refundable on any activated policy. So, if the visitor leaves any time within the first two months, the first two months of premium will be retained as a minimum premium.


A refund for early cancellation is available even if you have made a claim under the policy.


Period of coverage may be one or two years. For a two-year monthly pay policy, you will pay a two month deposit while awaiting the  super visa application decision. Then regular monthly payments will start from the policy activation date and continue until 24 payments have been made (at month 22). You will pay only for the time in Canada: with proof of return to country of origin, payments cease and extra full monthly payments paid are refunded – even if there has been a claim!


Note: The product-related information is for illustration purpose only. Please refer to the Policy wording before purchasing the policy for a full explanation of benefits, terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions.



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