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Personal Health & Dental Insurance for Individuals and Families


Individual health & dental insurance for self-employed, small business owners and employees, contractors, part-time, seasonal, or temporary workers, retirees, for everybody who lost health coverage or who wants to have health & dental insurance coverage.


  PlanDirect Core, Core Plus and Elite PlanDirect Basic, Comprehensive & Premier  

You can choose from three plans:

Core - two plans available:

- guaranteed acceptance, no medical questionnaire, or

- underwritten, medical questionnaire required

Core Plus

Drug benefit - $10,000/year, Dental - $750/year

Elite (can be purchase with or without Dental benefit)

Drug benefit - $250,000/year, Major Dental included

Core Plus and Elite plans are medically underwritten.

If there are pre-existing medical conditions, the underwriting may result in a decline, otherwise an exclusion will apply to pre-existing medical conditions on the drug benefit.

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Guaranteed issue plans when applied for within 60 days of losing health coverage. Pre-existing conditions and medications are covered.


Applicants have the option to complete the medical section to see if they qualify for better rates (70% of all applicants do!). If they donít want to complete it, they would apply for coverage using the guaranteed acceptance rates.


Three plans are available:

Basic (can be purchase with or without Drug benefit)

Comprehensive (options: with or without Drug benefit)


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Optional coverage

Customize your plan with these options:

Emergency travel medical

Protection for when you travel outside of Canada.

Hospital accommodation (medically underwritten, not available with Basic, Comprehensive & Premier plans)

Covers the cost difference between standard and private or semi-private room.

Hospital cash

Helps with expenses if you have an extended hospital stay.

Major dental  (Available with all Core and Core Plus plans.)

Covers things like bridges, crowns and even dentures. This option can only be added when you apply for a plan and canít be added later.

Accidental death, dismemberment and specific loss

Gives you added financial security if youíre faced with death or injury from an accident.



NOTE: The product-related information is for illustration purposes only. It is a brief description of benefits available with PlanDirect. If you purchase any health insurance coverage, your policy details specific terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions.


If you have questions or need more information please call at 416-493-0101, 1-877-443-0101 or Ask your question Online .


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