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This page contains the links to the most of this website pages.


  Travel Insurance for Canadian Travelers


   Information and Online Quotes


   Annual Multi-trip Medical Plans


   Pre-existing Medical Conditions (Medical coverage)


   Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance


   Travel Insurance for Snowbirds and Seniors

•   Medical questionnaires 

•   No Medical Questionnaire Required (Limited Trip Duration)


   Extended Absence from Canada (Canadian Expatriates)


   Insurance providers and plans

•   Manulife Financial Travel
•   GMS TravelStar
•   TuGo Traveller
•   TuGo Quest Travel
•   Allianz Global Assistance Travel
•   21st Century Travel
•   RSA Travel
•   Travelance Travel
•   Travelance Youth Plan
•   Destination Travel Health Plans
•   Destination: Leisure Travel

•   Tour+Med Travel



Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance

   Information and Instant Online Quotes


   Pre-existing Medical Conditions


   Super Visa Medical Insurance (Information, Online Quotes)

•   Monthly Payment Plan (Online Quotes)

   Insurance providers and plans

•   Manulife Visitors to Canada 
•   GMS Visitors & Immigrants
•   TuGo Visitors Platinum
•   TuGo Visitors Traveller
  21st Century Visitors
•   RSA Travel  Visitors
•   Allianz Visitors to Canada
•   Allianz Inpatriates in Canada
•   Travelance Visitors
•   Destination Canada Visitors




Student Medical Insurance

   Canadians Study Abroad (Instant Online Quotes)

•   Manulife Financial Student Plan
•   TuGo Student Insurance
•   Destination Student Insurance
•   GMS Student Plan

   International Students Studying in Canada (Online Quote)

•   Allianz Student Insurance  

•   Manulife Financial Student Plan
•   TuGo Student Insurance
•   Destination Student Insurance
•   RSA Student Medical Insurance




Health & Dental Insurance Plans

   Information and Quotes

  Manulife Financial

  •   Flexcare

  •   Association Health & Dental Plans

  •   FollowMe

   Group Medical Services 
   Desjardins Financial Security

Group Benefit Plans

   Traditional Group Benefits


   Pre-selected Group Benefits Plans

•   Manulife Financial LaunchPlan

•   GMS Advantage Plans

   Group Benefits Based on Personal Health &Dental Plans




Life Insurance

   Life Insurance - Get a Quote

  •   Term Life Insurance
  •   Universal Life Insurance
  •   Whole Life Insurance

  •   Participating Whole Life Insurance

   Mortgage Protection Insurance

        Living Benefits

   Critical Illness Insurance - Get a Quote

•   Manulife CI Insurance Lifechequeฎ Basic (non-medical)

•   Humania CI Insurance (non-medical)



   Disability Insurance

  •   Humania Disability Insurance (non-medical)



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