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Travelance Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance

Essential and Premier Plans

Underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada


Travelance offers two Visitors to Canada Emergency medical insurance plans: the low-cost Essential Plan (no coverage for pre-existing conditions) and Premier Plan (coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions included).

Who can apply? Visitors, Travelers to Canada, Parent & Grandparents visiting Canada on super visa, Landed immigrants or returning Canadians waiting for Government Health Insurance Plan coverage.

To get your free online quote, please click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Travelance secure website. You will also have an option to buy and get your instant policy on your email directly from the insurance provider.


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For assistance and to buy a policy over-the-phone,  please call at

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What's on This Page

►   Policy Wording (Essential Plan)

►   Policy Wording (Premier Plan)

►   Medical Eligibility Questionnaire

►   Key Features

►   Summary of Medical Coverage

►   Pre-Existing Medical Condition &

Other Exclusions

►   Rates


►   What to do if you get sick or injured


Monthly payment option is available for plans with 6 months to 18 travel months and a minimum sum insured of $100,000.

• Two months premium plus $50 administration fee collected on application date

• Equal monthly payments applied to credit card starting on the start date of the policy

• Prorated daily refunds available for cancellations

• Submit your Request for Quotation. (This option is not available Online)


This insurance policy meets all requirements for parent & grandparent super visa if amount of coverage purchased is $100,000 or greater and period of coverage is a minimum of one year .


COVID-19 Coverage. Travelance Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plans cover COVID-19 emergency medical expenses including COVID-19 test ordered by a physician as part of the diagnostic plan, provided the insured is eligible to purchase this policy and showed no symptoms related to COVID-19 prior to the start date of insurance.

COVID-19 testing outside of an emergency medical situation is not covered, which includes tests being requested or performed to rule-out the virus as part of a screening process.


What coverage will you have?

Travelance Visitors to Canada insurance covers a sudden and unforeseen medical condition that requires immediate medical attention. It may be flue, broken arm, pneumonia, unexpected complication of a stable pre-existing condition (Premier plan), etc.


All of the following restrictions apply:

•   You must be over 14 days old and under 86 years of age during the entire period of coverage.

•   You must not have a Medical Condition for which a Physician has advised You against travel prior to your period of coverage.

•   You do not have a surgically untreated aneurysm.

•   You have never been diagnosed with or received Treatment for:

a) Pancreatic or liver cancer, or any type of metastasized cancer;

b) A kidney condition requiring dialysis;

c) A bone marrow or organ transplant;

d) Congestive heart failure;

e) A Terminal Sickness.

•   At time of purchase of this Policy, You do not reside in a nursing home, assisted living home, convalescent home, hospice or rehabilitation centre.

•   You do not require any assistance with Normal Daily Activities. This does not apply to children under 12 year of age.

•   You have not taken (or have been prescribed) oral steroids or used home oxygen to treat a lung condition in the 12 months before Your Policy Start Date.

•   In the 12 months before your Start Date, You have been diagnosed with or treated (including prescribed medications) for 2 (TWO) conditions listed below:

a) Coronary Artery Disease, (including heart attack or angina)

b) Valvular heart disease (including stenosis, regurgitation or valve replacement)

c) Heart arrhythmia (including atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation or use of a pacemaker)

d) A lung or respiratory condition for which daily medication has been prescribed (including inhalers)

e) Diabetes requiring insulin

f) Stroke or mini-stroke

g) Aneurysm

h) Blood clots

i) Gastro-intestinal bleed

•   In the 12 months before your Policy Start Date, You were not admitted to the hospital for any condition listed in item 8) above.

If prior to Your Policy Start Date, Your health changes and You no longer meet the eligibility requirements listed above, You must send a written request for refund.


Age. The applicant has to be over 14 days old and not more than 86 years old during the entire Period of Coverage. Applicant 70 to under 86 years of age during the entire Period of Coverage may only purchase Plan Limits up to $100,000.


Period of Coverage. Both Premier and Essential plans can be purchased for any number of days up to 558 days. If you need longer coverage you can reapply as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.


Amount of coverage.

Ages 14 days to under 70 years of age during the entire Period of Coverage may purchase Plan Limits of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000;

Ages 70 to under 86 years of age during the entire Period of Coverage may only purchase Plan Limits of $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000.



This insurance has no deductible. However, the Insured can choose to add one of four deductible options $100, $250, $500, $5,000, $10,000 (Premier plan only)  and receive a discount of 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 45% on the premium respectively.


Waiting period

a) If Your Start Date is Your Departure Date and You are scheduled to arrive in Canada within 48 hours after You leave Your Home Country, then coverage is provided while en route to Canada.

b) If Your Start Date is Your Departure Date and You are not scheduled to arrive in Canada within 48 hours after You leave Your Home Country, coverage only begins on the date and time You arrive in Canada.

c) If your Start Date is after your Departure Date, the following waiting period apply:

- 24 hours for an Injury;

- 48 hours for a Sickness if Your Start Date is within 30 days of Your Departure Date;

- 48 hours for a Sickness if You are continuing coverage from an existing policy with another Canadian insurance company;

- 7 days for a Sickness if Your Start Date is more than 30 days from Your Departure

If You become sick or injured during this period of time, Your Policy will not cover any expenses resulting from or related to this condition even if the Waiting Period is over.


Family rates

Apply to individuals or couples travelling with at least one unmarried dependent child or grandchild:

a) under the age of 21;

b) under 26 if a full-time student, or;

c) of any age if mentally or physically disabled.

The premium for family coverage is calculated at two times the premium for the eldest adult


Extending coverage after arrival in Canada

Your Coverage under your policy can be extended beyond the expiry date if you have not reported a claim, and your policy is in force when you request an extension.


Automatic extensions to coverage

This coverage will be automatically extended:

●  for 72 hours if your scheduled common carrier is delayed ;

●  for 3 days, if are unable to travel for a medical reason that does not need hospitalization;

●  for the period of hospital confinement plus 5 days after after discharge while outside your home Country;

●  During your return travel to your home country provided you have coverage on the day you leave Canada and you are scheduled to arrive in your home country within 48 hours.


Refund of premium

1) You may cancel this Policy within 10 days of purchase for a full refund, provided it is prior to your Period of Coverage.

2) For other than “1)” above, a refund for unused days will be allowed provided that you have not incurred a claim under this Policy.

The following administration fees will be deducted from your refund if you:

a) cancel your policy due to a denial of your travel visa (no fee will be deducted); b) cancel Your policy before your policy start date due to you no longer being eliglible (no fee will be deducted);

c) cancel your Policy before you leave your Home Country for other than “a)” and b) above ($250 fee will be deducted);

d) cancel your Policy before your Expiry Date to return to your Home Country or you become insured under Canadian federal, provincial health/medical plan ($50 fee will be deducted); or

e) cancel your Policy and decide to stay in Canada ($250 fee will be deducted).


Date changes after the effective date

Any requests for a date change after the effective date of the policy other than an extension of your Period of Coverage may incur an administration fee of $50.


Travel worldwide (Side Trips)

This policy covers the emergency medical expenses you incur during a side trip outside Canada that begins in Canada during your Period of Coverage. Each side trip is restricted to a maximum of 45 days. If you have a claim outside Canada, the number of covered days in Canada must be more than 50% of the total covered days elapsed at the time of the claim.

For example: If you are planning a 7-day trip to the USA, you have to spend 8 or more days in Canada before departure to the USA.



Emergency means an unforeseen Sickness or Injury that requires immediate Treatment to prevent or alleviate existing danger to life or health.

BENEFITS Essential Plan Premier Plan

EMERGENCY HOSPITAL : semi-private accommodation where available



a) The services of a Physician, surgeon or in-Hospital duty nurse;



b) Transportation furnished by a professional ambulance company to and from a Hospital



c) Diagnostic testing including but not limited to sonograms, electrocardiograms, computerized axial tomography (CAT scan) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). All diagnostic tests must be authorized in advance by the insurer.



d) Medical equipment purchased or rented for therapeutic purposes subject to prior approval by the insurer.



e) Prescription medications  up to a 30 day supply of this prescribed medication

Up to $1,000

per occurrence

Up to $10,000

per occurrence

f) Follow-up visits, subject to prior approval by the insurer

One follow up Visit, up to $1,000

Three follow up visits, up to $3,000

g) Emergency Paramedical Services Due To Injury: acupressurist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, chiropodist, naturopath, physiotherapist, osteopath or podiatrist

Not covered

$500 per category of practitioner


 If you have a medical Emergency, the Company, in consultation with its medical advisors, the Emergency Assistance Provider and the local attending Physician, may determine that You should be transported back to Your Home Country for continued Treatment

Up to the maximum benefit amount

Up to the maximum benefit amount


for repair of natural or permanently attached artificial teeth which are damaged by an Accidental Injury to the head or mouth

Up to $2,000

Up to $4,000


to relieve acute pain and suffering not related to an Accidental Injury.

Up to $300

Up to $500








Round-trip Air + $450 Expenses

Round-trip Air + $450 Expenses



Airfare $3,000 + $1,000 Expenses


Not covered

$150/day, maximum $1,500


Not covered



Not Covered

Up to $250


Not covered



Up to the aggregate limit selected at the time of application for accidental loss of life, limb, sight or hearing.

Not covered

up to $100,000


First $250 deductible waived when hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours

First $1,000 deductible waived when hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours


No coverage

Click here


Exclusions and limitations.

Visitors to Canada medical insurance does not cover everything. This insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations.


Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

Essential Plan does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions or related medical conditions that existed during the 180 day period immediately prior to your Policy Start Date.

Premier Plan does not pay for claims resulting from pre-existing medical conditions a or related medical conditions, which haven not been STABLE as follows:

a) For ages 69 and under on the Start Date:

- any Pre-Existing Condition or Medical Condition that was not Stable and Controlled during the 180 day period immediately prior to Your Start Date.

b) For ages 70 to 79 on the Start Date:

- any Pre-Existing Condition or Medical Condition that was not Stable and Controlled during the 180 day period immediately prior to Your Start Date; and,  any of the following Pre-existing Conditions that were present on Your Start Date:

▪ Any heart condition including but not limited to heart attack, angina, arrhythmia or cardiac surgery;

▪ Any brain condition including but not limited to stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA), mini-stroke, aneurysm or seizure;

▪ Any lung condition including but not limited to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

c) For ages 80 and over on the Start Date, any Pre-Existing Condition or Medical Condition that was present on Your Start Date.

Stable and Controlled means:

- there has not been any new Treatment prescribed or recommended, or change(s) to existing Treatment (including a stoppage in Treatment); and

- there has not been any change to any existing prescribed drug including an increase, decrease, or stoppage to prescribed dosage), or any recommendation or starting of a new prescription drug. (If You require a routine adjustment to the dosage of Your prescription for Coumadin, Warfarin or Insulin (unless it is newly prescribed or stopped) to ensure correct blood levels are maintained, such a change is not considered an alteration in medication provided the condition remains unchanged); and

- the Medical Condition has not become worse; and

- there has not been any new, more frequent or more severe symptoms; and

- there has been no hospitalization or referral to a specialist; and

- there have not been any tests, investigation or Treatment recommended, but not yet complete, nor any outstanding test results; and

- there is no planned or pending Treatment.


Some Other Exclusions

▪ The cost of replenishing any medication that was in use on Your Departure Date or for the maintenance of any course of Treatment that commenced prior to Your date of arrival in Canada.

Your mental, emotional or nervous disorders resulting from any cause, including but not limited to anxiety or depression.

Pregnancy, childbirth, complications of pregnancy or childbirth, or voluntarily induced abortion; or a child born during Your Period of Coverage.

Recurrence of a Medical Condition or subsequent Emergency Treatment or hospitalization for a Medical Condition or related Medical Conditions for which You had received Emergency Treatment during Your Period of Coverage.

Your participation in organized professional sporting activities; driving a motorcycle, moped, or scooter (unless You hold an applicable valid Canadian driver’s license); Your riding, driving or participating in races of speed or endurance.


Note: This is a summary of benefits. For the full details of coverage, eligibility, exclusions, limitations and claims procedures, please refer to the Policy Wording or call us for consultation.

If you have questions about this insurance coverage, or need help to complete the application, or want to buy insurance over the phone, please call Natalia at 416-493-0101 (or 1-877-443-0101) or click here to ask your question online.


What to do if you get sick or injured.

Have Your Policy number or confirmation of coverage with you at all times. Contact the Travelance assistance provider at the telephone numbers listed below. Access is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at the following numbers. If you cannot successfully place a collect call to the Emergency Assistance Provider as instructed below, please dial direct and submit the charges incurred to make the call along with your claim documents.

USA & Canada   1-800-334-7787

Elsewhere Operator Assisted Collect   905-667-0587

Direct Dial   1-905-667-0587

Email: assistance@oldrepublicgroup.com

When contacting the Travelance assistance provider, please provide Your name, Your policy number, Your location and the nature of the Emergency.

Important Notice regarding claim procedure !

You, or someone on your behalf, are required to immediately contact the Emergency Assistance Provider at the telephone numbers above before admission to Hospital or within 24 hours after a life or organ threatening Emergency. Failure to do so will result in you being responsible for 20% of any eligible expenses incurred.

All diagnostic tests and laboratory procedures, x-rays, surgeries, and rental or purchase of therapeutic supplies must be pre-approved by the insurer. 

Consult the claim guideline on your Policy Wording.



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