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TuGo Traveller Travel Insurance

underwritten Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. and Industrial Alliance Pacific General Insurance Corporation


TuGo Traveller Travel Insurance offers Emergency Medical plans, Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Baggage plans for traveling Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA and in Canada for traveling outside of home province but in Canada.


Get a quote and  purchase this insurance ONLINE directly from TuGo : please, click the link below and you will be redirected to the TuGo secure website. Follow on-screen prompts or call for assistance.



NOTES. You will get a quote with $300 USD Deductible automatically. To change the deductible amount, click on "Customize".

For ages under 60 and trips up to 35 days: Automatic stability period for pre-existing conditions is 7 days.

For longer trips and age 60+: Optional 7-day reduced stability period Rider can be added at additional cost by clicking on "Customize". Amount of coverage under this Rider is $300,000.

Topping-up: When you have travel insurance coverage with another insurer or TuGo and want to top up this existing coverage, the start (effective) date of the policy you apply for using this link, is the day following expiry of your existing policy. Enter this date to the online application. On the next page, click on "Customize", then click on "Top-up", and enter the number of days you are covered for under your existing policy.


Sign up to myTuGo : If you have a TuGo Insurance policy, you will be able to:

•   Modify, extend, or renew your coverage on your own,

•   Open a claim, manage an existing one, or check your claim's status,

•   Check out the clinic/hospital finder and other helpful travel resources.

Questions? - Please call at 416-493-0101, 1-877-443-0101

What's on This Page

Policy Wording

Emergency Medical Insurance

•  Key Features

•  Medical questionnaire (for ages 60+)

•  Summary of Medical Coverage

•  Pre-existing Condition Coverage 

•  Exclusions


Sport & Activities Coverage (optional)


Trip Cancellation & Interruption (Single and


Non-Medical Package (Single-Trip)

All inclusive Holiday Package (Single-Trip)


Optional Coverages

•  Baggage Insurance

•  Rental Car Protection

•  Cancel for Any Reason Rider


What to do if you need medical assistance

How to Make a Claim

Flight Delay Benefit



What coverage will you have?

Emergency Medical Insurance(Single -Trip  and Multi-Trip)


At the time of application, you are eligible for coverage if:
1. You are a Canadian resident  covered by a provincial health insurance plan for the entire trip length
2. You are not travelling against a physician or other registered medical practitioner’s advice.
3. You have not been diagnosed with a terminal condition (Terminal condition means a medical condition for which, before the date of departure a physician has given a terminal prognosis with a life expectancy of 12 months or less)

4. You are not receiving palliative care or palliative care has not been recommended.

No age limit. Applicants 60 years old and over have to complete the Medical questionnaire to determine rate category for the Worldwide and Worldwide excluding USA plans.

For the plan in Canada and 2-day Annual multi-trip plan, no medical questionnaire is required.


Single-Trip Plan

Provides coverage for a single trip:


Worldwide excluding USA,

For Worldwide excluding USA policies, coverage is limited to travel outside the USA except for:

- Flight stopovers or flight layovers in the USA up to 48 hours; or,

- Transit through the USA by car, van, truck, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, bus or train for up to five days to your travel destination and up to 5 days to return from your travel destination.

in Canada only, outside of home province

If you are travelling by cruise ship and the cruise departs from or stops at any ports in the USA, you must purchase a Worldwide plan for the full duration of your trip.

One temporary visit to your home province is permitted during your period of coverage provided the temporary visit is unexpected and beyond your control.


Multi-Trip Plan

Annual plans: Worldwide and in Canada only. Choose from 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 35, 60 days per trip .

For the plan within Canada, you will be covered for 12 months and can take an unlimited number of trips, which start and end in your province of residence, up to the trip duration you have chosen.

For the Worldwide plan, when travel is within Canada but outside your province of residence, coverage is automatically provided beyond the maximum number of days selected at the time of purchase but limited to the expiry date of the Policy.

When travel is outside Canada, coverage is limited to the maximum number of days selected. The trip duration begins on the date you leave Canada and terminates when you return to Canada.

Clients 58 years and under are eligible for the automatic renewal option.


Top-up (applicable to Multi-trip and Single-trip plans)

This insurance can be purchased as a Top-up to another emergency medical insurance plan.

When symptoms or treatment for an emergency medical condition begin before the effective date of this top-up Policy and while you are covered by the insurance plan being topped-up, the insurer will pay eligible expenses incurred on or after the date this top-up Policy takes effect as if the emergency medical condition began under this top-up Policy.

Coverage for emergency medical conditions which began before the effective date of this top-up Policy is only provided if there is no lapse between the insurance plan being topped-up and this top-up Policy



Automatic $300 USD deductible; other deductible options of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 are available for premium discount. For $0 deductible, 15% surcharge applies. For the Canada plan, all deductibles are in Canadian dollars.


Family & Friends Plan

Coverage is available for up to two individuals 59 years and under and up to six dependent children. The individual(s) named in the Family & Friends plan do not have to be the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the dependent children. Includes children up to age 21 or 25 if attending full time school or physically/mentally handicapped.


Sport & Activities Coverage

Optional coverage for travelers who participate in, coach, teach, train or practice different sports: Freestyle Skiing, Downhill mountain biking, Motorized speed contests, Parachuting, Rock climbing, Boxing, etc. Please Click here for more information.



Refunds are not available if a claim has been or will be submitted.

Applicable to Multi Trip Annual and Single Trip:

- When the request for refund is received PRIOR to the effective date of the Policy, a full refund is available.

- When no travel has taken place and the request for refund is received AFTER the effective date of the Policy:

a) A full refund is available within 10 days of the application date; or,

b) A refund less an administration fee is available when the request for refund is received more than 10 days of the application date.

Applicable to Single Trip Only: In the case of early return to your home province, partial refunds may be available. All partial refunds will be subject to an administration fee.


Policy Extensions

If you decide to stay longer, you can extend your period of coverage before your Policy expires,if you have not submitted a claim and have no intent to submit a claim.


Automatic Extensions to Coverage

At the time the period of coverage ends, coverage will be automatically extended at no additional premium :

•   For 7 days in the event your common carrier is delayed.

•   For the remaining period of your hospital confinement plus 7 days after release from the hospital; or,

•   For 7 days if you are unable to travel on your scheduled return date but you are not hospitalized.


Emergency Medical Benefits for Canadian Travelers

Key Benefits

Maximum Limit

Maximum liability


Emergency medical treatment

Emergency means an unforeseen sickness or injury, which requires immediate medical treatments to alleviate existing danger to life or health.

• Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury whether in-patient or out-patient care

• Services of physician

• Private duty nursing

• X-rays and laboratory services

• Rental or purchase of essential medical appliances

Prescription drugs

• Up to a 30-day supply following an emergency during the trip

• Up to $200 for a physician visit to get a new prescription for lost, stolen or damaged prescription drugs


The services of a licensed ground, air or sea ambulance (including paramedics) or taxi in lieu from the scene of the accident or place of onset of the sickness to the nearest hospital.

Follow-up Visits

   One follow-up visit within the 14 days after the initial emergency medical treatment

Fracture Treatment

Following the initial emergency treatment and the one follow-up visit, the company will pay up to a maximum of $1,250 for the following treatments related to fractures:

• X-ray examinations;

• Re-examination physician visits;

• Casting and re-casting, if medically necessary;

• Cast removal;

Eligible expenses must be incurred during the same trip and prior to your return to your home province.

Professional medical services

Up to $700 for any one incident per practitioner including a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist, optometrist and acupuncturists


• Up to the policy limit for dental accidents during trip. Also includes additional coverage for up to 30 days in the home province upon return from the trip

• Up to $700 for any other dental emergenciesn

Vision care & hearing aids

Up to $1,000 for the replacement of prescription glasses, contact lenses and/or hearing aids if lost, stolen or broken

Unexpected birth of a child

Up to a maximum of $25,000 for the medical expenses incurred by your newborn child/children following the unexpected birth of the child/children. This benefit is not payable during the nine weeks before the expected date of delivery or within the nine weeks after.

Hospital allowance

Up to $100 per day to cover incidental hospital charges, which are billed by the hospital, such as TV rental and telephone charges.


• Up to the policy limit for preparation and return of the body

• Up to $6,000 for burial or cremation at the place of death

• Transportation costs and insurance coverage for one family member to identify the body, and up to $400 per day to a maximum of $2,000 for their meals and accommodation

Out-of-pocket expenses

Up to $500 per day to maximum of $5,000 for your out-of pocket expenses, when your traveling companion is hospitalized on the date you are scheduled to return to your home province or when transferred to a different hospital in another city.

Vision Care and Hearing Aids

Up to a maximum limit of $1,000 for:

The replacement of prescription glasses (including prescription sunglasses) or contact lenses (up to a 30-day supply) and a hearing aid due to theft, loss, or breakage

Child care

Up to $500 per day to a maximum of $5,000 for child care costs* when the insured traveller is confined to hospital or transferred to a different hospital in another city for emergency medical treatment.

* Children must be insured and 18 years or under.

The following benefits must be pre-approved and arranged by Claims at TuGo

Emergency air transportation

At the time of hospitalization, medical air evacuation for return to Canada or medical air evacuation between medical facilities when the first medical facility is not equipped to provide the required treatment.

If medically required, this benefit also includes:

• The cost of a qualified medical attendant

• An airline seat upgrade

Airfare to return home for treatment

Up to a one-way economy airfare to return to the home province for immediate medical treatment. Treatment must be required within 10 days of returning home.

Return of excess baggage

Up to $700 if the insured traveller is medically air evacuated to their home province and there was no room aboard the aircraft for baggage

Return of travelling companion

When an insured traveler is returned to their home province because of a medical emergency, this benefit includes: A one-way economy airfare for their travelling companion to also return home*

* The travelling companion does not have to be insured

Return of dependent children

When an insured traveller is returned to their home province because of a medical emergency, this benefit includes:

• Up to a one-way economy airfare for dependent children* to return home

• The cost of a qualified chaperone

* Children do not have to be insured. This applies to children up to age 21, if residing with their parents/guardians or up to age 25, if full-time students. No age limit applies for children with cognitive, developmental or physical disabilities

Remote evacuation

Up to $6,000 for non-medical evacuation from a remote location. Includes search and rescue services from mountain, sea or other locations

Family transportation

When an insured traveler is hospitalized, this benefit includes:

• A round trip economy airfare or ground transportation costs for a family member to be at their bedside

• Up to $500 per day to a maximum of $2,500 for out-of-pocket expenses

Return of insured to destination

One-way economy airfare by the most direct route to return to the insured's original trip destination following a return to their home province under the Emergency Air Transportation Benefit.

Air travel delay expenses

• Up to $900 for accommodation and meals when a flight is delayed for 4+ hours

• Up to $400 for additional transportation when a flight is delayed for 4+ hours

• Up to $400 for entertainment expenses when a flight is delayed for 4+ hours

• Up to $900 for essential items when the baggage is lost or delayed by the airline for 6+ hours

Other benefits

• Return of Vehicle,

• Return of Pets,

• Domestic services in Canada,

• Medical follow-up in Canada


Exclusions and Limitations. Travel medical insurance does not cover everything. This insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please learn them and understand the policy before you buy this insurance.


Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion

for Emergency medical coverage, Worldwide and Worldwide excluding USA Plans

The company will not be liable to provide coverage or services, or to pay claims for expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of any pre-existing condition as defined, except as follows:


on the application date
59 years and under 35 days or less

Any medical condition which is not stable on or within the 7 days before the date of departure

  Over 35 days

Any medical condition which is not stable on or within the 90 days before the date of departure. If you extend your trip and the total trip length (including the extension) exceeds 35 days, the stability for medical conditions is based on your total trip length

60 years and over All

Any medical condition which is not stable on or within the 180 days before the date of departure.


Unstable Pre-existing Medical Condition Coverage ( Optional )

This coverage can be purchased as an endorsement to an Emergency Medical Insurance Worldwide or Worldwide Excluding USA plan. Coverage Maximum limit − $300,000

When this Optional Coverage is purchased, the company will pay for medical and related expenses up to this coverage limit for an  emergency incurred as a result of your pre-existing medical conditions that do not meet the regular stability requirements but were stable on or within the 7 days before the date of departure.

If you purchased this policy to top-up any other insurance plan, the stability for medical conditions is based on your total trip length.

Travel Within Canada Plans

There is no stability requirement for pre-existing medical conditions.  


Some other Exclusions

This policy does not pay for expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of:

•   Conditions or any related conditions for which, prior to departure, testing or investigative consultation took place, was scheduled to take place or was recommended (not including routine check-up or routine monitoring for a medical condition), and for which results had not yet been received at the time of departure. This includes tests that were recommended or scheduled prior to departure, but had not yet taken place at the time of departure.

•   Any cancern (other than basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer) for which you received or were recommended to receive cancer treatment in the 3 months prior to the date you leave for your trip. This includes cancer treatment that you were recommended to receive but chose to decline.

•    Any condition(s) for which you are registered on a waiting list in Canada for treatment or diagnosis.

•   Ongoing care, rehabilitation or check-ups.

 Please refer to the policy wording for full list of exclusions .



Non-Medical Package (Single Trip) includes the following benefits:

1) Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance:

Sum insured prior to departure — Up to the limit of Insurance purchased (Max amount of coverage is $100,000)
Sum insured after departure — $25,000

2) Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Maximum sum insured for Air Flight/Common Carrier Accident — $100,000
Maximum sum insured for 24-Hour Accident — $25,000

3) Baggage Insurance : Sum insured — $500

You can buy this package separately or all together with Emergency Medical Insurance.



All Inclusive Holiday Package is available for persons under 59 years and includes the following benefits:
1) Emergency Medical Insurance
Maximum limit —$5,000,000

2) Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
Sum insured prior to departure — Up to the limit of Insurance purchased
Sum insured after departure — $25,000

3) Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Maximum sum insured for Air Flight/Common Carrier Accident — $100,000
Maximum sum insured for 24-Hour Accident — $25,000

4) Baggage Insurance: Sum insured — $500


Trip interruption Insurance (Quarantine Coverage) 

If you purchased Trip Interruption coverage before you left for your trip, and you have to quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test result, which prevents you from returning home as scheduled, you’ll have access to all the applicable trip interruption benefits, which includes coverage for the cost of a one-way economy airfare to your original point of departure, as well as out-of-pocket expenses up to $350/day to a maximum of $1,500 for commercial accommodation, meals, internet, telephone and taxi expenses. There is no coverage for other situations related to COVID-19 (e.g. flight delay or cancellation)



NOTE: The product-related information is for illustration purpose only. Please refer to the Policy  Wording

 for details on the coverage provided, conditions, exclusion and claim procedure.



If you need help to complete the online application, or for the questions regarding your policy status, to make changes to your coverage or travel dates, to extend the policy, or purchase this policy over-the-phone, please call at 416-493-0101  (or 1-877-443-0101) or click here to ask your question online.


What to do if you need medical attention

Have your policy number and policy confirmation with you at all times. In the event of sickness or injury which may result in claim, contact Claims at TuGo at the telephone numbers shown on your policy confirmation and Contact Information. When contacting Claims at TuGo, please provide your name, your policy number, your location and the nature of your emergency.

In the event of hospitalization, call Claims at TuGo immediately.


How to Make  Claim

To apply for benefits under this policy, you will need to send a completed claim form (with all original bills attached) to Claims at TuGo. Visit  Claims at TuGo for the claim form and submit your claim online. Consult the claim guideline on your Policy Wording (pg 67-68).


Emergency Medical Claims Examples

Outbound Travelers, Ages 0-59

Outbound Travelers, Ages 60+

Travel within Canada


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